Vehicle Requirements

All 4×4 pickup trucks and some 4×4 Large SUV’s** that meet the following requirements:

  • Automatic transmission with low range 4L
  • Automatic differential lock (or limiter slip diff.) on rear axle
  • Winter and all seasons tires with regular soft compound (Mud tires works but not recommended)
  • Important: Use tires without studs
  • Outside tire diameter required: 31 to 35 inches (780 to 875 mm)
  • Tire width: up to 13 inches (330 mm)
  • Engine: V-8 with 5 liters and up for full sized pickup truck and Large SUV’s also V6 for mid-sized pickup truck and Off-road SUV’s

** For SUV’s, see the restricted list of compatible vehicles with TrackNgo: Large SUV compatibility list


Recommended optional equipments:

  • Front differential locker (for optimal performance in deep snow)
  • Heavy duty cooling system (to reach higher speed in deep snow)
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